Webflow add Calendly popup to a text or button.

1. Click on the button where you wish the popup to open. It can also be a text element, link, or anything else, which an id can be given and is clickable.

2. Add a custom code element.

3. Add the custom code

<!-- Calendly link widget begin -->
<link href="https://assets.calendly.com/assets/external/widget.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="https://assets.calendly.com/assets/external/widget.js" type="text/javascript" async></script>
<!-- Calendly link widget end -->
function openCalendlyPopUp(){
//this is your meeting direct link
var meetingDirectUrl = "https://calendly.com/max-mustermann/15min";
// add your Calendly URL into the next row
Calendly.initPopupWidget({ url: meetingDirectUrl });
return false;
// Start your free trial button add click event
var elementButtonId = 'startYourfreeTrialBtn';
document.getElementById(elementButtonId).addEventListener("click", function(){openCalendlyPopUp()});

4. Publish your Website.




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If you like my work or have question contact me.

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